ViBO Music School Policies

1. Students agree to arrive at each lesson punctually, well prepared, and with all necessary materials. Students arriving late will only receive the remaining time of the lesson.

2. Sufficient scheduled practice time on a daily basis is necessary to put skills covered at the lesson into motion. Parental support is extremely important in this process.

3. Monthly tuition is automatically debited at the beginning of each month. If enrollment starts in the middle of a month, the tuition will be pro-rated.

4. ViBO Music does not offer rescheduling or credits for missed lessons.  For private lessons, ONE Make-up lesson (online) is given in every 3-month period (jan-mar, apr-june, etc) upon request.  The make-up lesson may not be scheduled with the student’s regular teacher.

5. For vacations during spring breaks Mar-Apr (1-week) and summers Jun-Aug (up to 3 weeks), a “Leave of Absence” may be granted by the teacher (with registrar’s approval) 14 days ahead.  Leave of Absence doesn’t apply to workshop classes, bands and ensembles.

6. When a teacher is absent, ViBO Music will schedule a qualified substitute teacher.  ViBO Music reserves the rights to change teachers any time.

7. Tuition is not refundable. If you plan to discontinue lessons, please notify ViBO Music 30 days ahead of time.

8. Annual Registration fee ($30) is charged in January.  For new enrollments, the fee is $30 in Jan – June, prorated to $20 in July – Sept, and to $10 in October – December.

9. Students / Parents are responsible to keep a valid credit card information on file. If tuition issues are not resolved by the second week of a month, the tuition will be collected by a 3rd-party agency, with additional fee required.

Onsite Lessons Guideline during COVID-19:

MASK: All instructors, students and admins are required to wear face covering at ViBO.

Students Drop Off:

  1. Please arrive a few minutes before class.  Students will be dropped off/picked up at the front door.  Students should line up on marked spots spaced 6 feet apart.  The admin will bring the students into their classroom.
  2. Temperature Check: Admin will welcome students and check temperature with a “no-touch” thermometer.  Students with fever or showing signs of illness will not be allowed in the building.  Please DO NOT send your child to ViBO if they, or anyone in your family feel ill, or anyone in your family has tested positive or presumed positive for COVID-19.  (
  3. Hand Sanitizer will be required as students enter the classroom

Classrooms: Teacher and student maintain 6 ft social distance with no physical contact.  Students should try to tune their own instruments.  Piano keyboards will be disinfected between piano lessons.   Instructors will disinfect any surfaces the students come in contact between classes.
Bathrooms: For safety concern, Bathrooms are only available to staffs and teachers.
Students pick up: Please promptly pick up your child at the front door when the class is over.  A $20 late pick up fee (after 5 minutes) will be strictly enforced.

Questions about our policies? Please contact us directly and we’d be happy to help answer them.