Tim Bryant

Tim Bryant is an all around Pop/Rock musician who specializes in the education and practical application of guitar skills. Tim likes to take an individual approach with each student, tailor making a curriculum for that specific student. Tim lessons consist of learning how to read and understand music while also using the students musical tastes, interests, and goals to make the lesson more productive and enjoyable.

Tim started as a saxophone player at the age of ten playing in the school band until high school when he decided to make the switch to guitar. He began receiving private instruction from New York studio musician and luthier Joseph Gambitta. During high school Tim worked at the local music store where he was receiving lessons. After his senior year Tim made the jump from student to teacher. He worked and taught throughout college where he studied Audio Engineering. After graduating Tim split most of his time between teaching, playing live shows, and interning at various studios around the Cleveland area.

Moving to California in 2012, Tim continues to work as a full time instructor and studio/live musician around the Bay Area. Now at ViBO Music, Tim is excited to pass on his knowledge to the next generation of musicians.