Nate Guinto

Nate Guinto is a contemporary violinist based in the San Francisco Bay Area. He graduated the Berklee College of Music with a Degree in Violin Performance (Magna Cum Laude) in 2016. He has studied with some of the best contemporary violin players in the world. Names such as Darol Anger, Matt Glaser, Rob Thomas, Mads Tolling, Jason Anick, Jeremy Kittel, Mimi Rabson, and Mike Block. Nate Guinto specializes in playing modern day music that you would usually hear on the radio. Also as a trained jazz musician he also makes the concept of improvising a really important skill to have. Nate has played in a number bands/ensembles during his music career such as CGC Chamber Groove Company (2016), The Berklee Contemporary String Orchestra (2013), The Cuervoz Quintet (2016), but nowadays Nate Guinto is more of a solo performer. Nate Guinto has performed for many weddings, private events and parties as a solo performer. He is also currently an aspiring producer. Nate Guinto uses unorthodox methods of teaching that try to best suit the student. Nate still teaches proper technique through some classical methods. At the end of the day, Nate just wants the kids to have fun playing and will cater to whatever they want to learn.