Jeff Peterson

Jeff Peterson is a graduate composition student at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music who started music when he was 4 when he took piano. He later picked up the trumpet and French horn until committing to composition. He is incredibly passionate about teaching music, as he began doing so at the end of high school where he volunteered his time teaching at the local elementary schools. He went on to work at MakeMusic Inc. after graduating with his Bachelor of Music in composition in 2016 and hosted his own radio show “Piano Spectrum” in 2017. His compositions also received recognition, winning the Sonoma Fine Arts Commission and the John Phillip Sousa Award. Jeff currently studies composition privately with two pupils of Nadia Boulanger (notable and famous music teacher): Dr. David Conte of the San Francisco Conservatory of Music, and Phelps Dean Witter, a 1950’s graduate of the Paris Conservatory. Among music, Jeff has been an avid handwriting enthusiast for over 10 years, mainly focusing on the history, manufacture, and collection of old fountain pens. You’ll be hard-pressed to find him without a fountain pen in his hand!