Gram Aguas

Instruments – guitar, piano

Gram Aguas grew up learning music here in the San Francisco Bay Area. When he was eight years old, he studied and played clarinet at his elementary school orchestra band. At age twelve he fell in love with blues, funk, R&B, and rock and roll music. He picked up a guitar as a result and started learning how to play songs from recordings of his heroes. Hungry to know more about music, he started taking lessons at ViBO Music Center. Not only did he learn a variety of skills, techniques, and styles while taking lessons (classical, jazz, reggae, folk, metal, latin, etc), he also found a deeper love and appreciation for many different types of music as well. At age sixteen, he started teaching his own weekly private students and started studying more jazz, as well as piano. He would play local gigs at restaurants and private events with different jazz combos during high school. At age eighteen, he went on to get a bachelor’s degree at San Francisco State University studying music while simultaneously teaching and playing gigs after classes. Gram continues to perform and teach music around the Bay Area today. His goal as a teacher is to help his students understand the joys of playing and listening to different types of music, as well as providing them with the tools they need to help them succeed in their own personal musical journey.