Felix Portillo

Felix first picked up the guitar when he was 13 years old. Inspired by the legendary guitarists from rock and metal, such as Eddie Van Halen and Kirk Hammett, he began taking lessons at Vibo. When he was a freshman in high school, he joined the Vibo Rock Band and recorded an EP with the group. Since high school, he has toured/performed with various rock, jazz, blues, and R&B groups in the Bay Area. However, his real passion is playing heavy metal, where he has fronted and played lead guitar for multiple bands.

Felix takes a holistic approach to guitar instruction, focusing on building multiple skills at once, with the goal of eventually tailoring lessons to align with his students’ interests. He believes in developing fundamentals in both rhythm and lead guitar playing to create a solid foundation for being able to play anything his students choose to play. Ultimately, he hopes that students develop lifelong passions for music, just as he did.