Fabrizio Incerti

Fabrizio Incerti – Drums/percussion, guitar/bass, beginner piano.

Fabrizio was born into a musical family, with a father who instilled in him a romantic notion of connection through music and performance at a young age. Before he could play, his home was the hub for musicians (friends of the family, band mates) and live sessions that would last all day. He and his brothers raced to find a way to participate and before long, they did.

Fabrizio started his path towards a musical career in Madrid, Spain attending the Conservatory of Creative Music of Madrid, where he focused primarily on traditional Spanish percussion and the drum kit. By the age of 12, Fabrizio had visited many European cities, accompanying traveling orchestras and jazz groups (including Juan Riviera and Chris Suazo) earning him awards for his participation and prowess.

Eventually moving to San Francisco, CA, Fabrizio entered the local “DIY” scene that San Francisco was known so well for. He started his own band with friends and, over a formative 3 year period, opened his eyes to alternative styles of playing and philosophies of interconnectivity through music. Some hundred shows, a handful of albums and a west coast tour later, Fabrizio took a break from the live scene and started to dial-in his intention behind sharing music. He began to focus on the self-discipline that would later become the foundation for his teachings and finds himself now in a peaceful state of mindful discovery, ready to share with anyone who feels music inside of them.