Clark Bonafe

Instruments – piano, violin.

Clark began his musical career at the age of 9, taking piano lessons with Ms. Janet Brewer. In his time under Janet’s instruction, Clark explored baroque, early classical, and romantic repertoire, completing several annual piano auditions for the National Guild of Piano Teachers (NGPT) and receiving awards for his performance of 10-15 pieces from memory each year.

At the age of 13, he began taking violin lessons with Victor Lin at the Vibo Music Center. In this time, Clark’s musical interest expanded to include more modern genres of music as well as traditional world music. Not long after, Clark enrolled into Archbishop Riordan High School, whose music program did not include stringed instruments. So, while enrolled, Clark dabbled in various other instruments for the school’s concert band, marching band, drumline, pit orchestra, and jazz band. In his graduation year, Clark was selected as the recipient of the John Philip Sousa Award.

Clark later began working on his B.S. Forensic Biology at CSU East Bay.By this time, Clark became more interested in composing rather than performing music. Today, he is a piano accompanist for local church choirs. He teaches piano and violin at the Vibo Music Center. Also, while he occasionally accepts other commissions, Clark is currently responsible for composing over 80 tracks for an online video game-in-development, Pumpkin Online.

Clark’s teaching style emphasizes comprehension of musical literature. Students can expect to learn two styles of reading music: 1) quick, analytical reading and 2) slower, deliberate reading for muscle memory. Moreover, Clark works towards giving students instruction that will lead to very fluent expression of musical ideas. Students will also be encouraged to explore music theory, improvisation, composing/songwriting, and learning-by-ear.