Cindy Chang

Cindy Chia-Yu Chang is a Taiwanese violinist, pianist and educator. Cindy started playing the piano at the age of four and playing the violin in the following year. She had studied in a program for students gifted in music for ten years in Taiwan, and she has an Master in Music degree in Violin Performance at Peabody Conservatory of Johns Hopkins University, where she studied with violinist Judith Ingolfsson. As a performer, she has been engaging in recitals chamber and orchestra concerts, and served as a piano accompanist over Taiwan, Germany and the U.S. since her student times. In addition to performing, Cindy is an experienced educator as well. She has taught students of all ages. She studied her undergraduate at National Taiwan Normal University, where she also holds a degree in Music Education for middle-school students. Over the past many years, Cindy has great passion on helping her students set up lesson plans. She believes that it’s essential and beneficial to build students’ foundation in ear training, music theory and skill improvement. She recommends that both short-term and long-term goals help students be more motivated, active and determined on instrument learning. Besides, she always loves to see her students have overcome stage fright and pressure, frequently playing in performances and competitions confidently.

Music has given Cindy the opportunity to share and to spread the beauty of art. She believes that efficient communication and education will be great support to connect people. As the world is paying more attention on innovation, Cindy is worried that people may lose interest in classical music gradually. Recently, she has launched a project of Café Series with a few friends in many coffee shops. They find them have the duty to attract, inspire and influence more people, with their lectures and chamber performances in coffee shops.