ABRSM Performance Grade Exam

ViBO Music supports students to take ABRSM music exam, which is a globally renowned assessment system from UK.


Due to the global pandemic, ABRSM replaces their traditional practical exam with Performance Grades, which requires students to submit performance videos.  Most of our teachers are qualified and experienced in ABRSM exam coaching.  Here’s ABRSM Exam dates and fees.  Here’s the program forms and slips.


ViBO Music offers these additional services for ABRSM Performance Grades:
  • Application and video recording/submission ($85) – Fill out application for students.  Record students’ performance video at ViBO Music, following ABRSM guideline, and submit the video to ABRSM.
  • Venue rental ($85/hr) – This fee is waived for current ViBO students.  800 Sq Ft performance room with a Yamaha baby grand piano.
  • Accompanist fee ($95/hr) – ABRSM requires piano accompaniment for many instruments.  ViBO Music provides qualified and well-prepared piano accompanists.  This accompanist fee is in additional to the regular lesson tuition.