Luke Chiang

I am a Canadian-Taiwanese violinist with a passion for teaching music. I hold a diploma from Mount Royal University, as well as University of Sherbrooke. I am currently studying with Ian Swensen at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music under the Sergei Barsukov Scholarship for Violin. I’ve had the opportunity to play for many world-renowed violin pedagogues, which has given me a vast knowledge in the methods of teaching the violin. I’ve extensively with young children, and adults as well. Currently, I am a teacher in the outreach program at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music. I look forward to exploring the power of music with you and your child!

With a versatile technique built upon a solid foundation, the expressive soul of music can be effectively expressed. Furthermore, the process of learning music has the capability of building great character, which is something I hope to reinforce. I teach the foundations of violin playing from the teachings of Ian Swensen, which echoes that of the legendary Dorothy DeLay. I teach violin technique through routines and scales taught to me by world-renowned pedagogue, William Van Der Sloot and Michael Frischenschlager. I believe that if a child loves something enough, they will be able to accomplish the things they strive for.