Adrian Murillo, guitar

Guitarist Adrian Murillo began playing music at the age of 12 years old where he started playing electric guitar and later steel string, which quickly expanded to include many different styles of music. At the age of 15, he began studying classical guitar under the guidance of Francisco Guerrero.

During these years Mr. Murillo participated in the XIII Festival Hispanoamericano de Guitarra in Tijuana, Mexico where he attended lectures and master classes by guitarists such as William Kanengaiser, Zoran Dukic, flamenco guitarist Antonio Rey, Carlos Barbosa-Lima, Tal Hurwitz, David Tanenbaum, sitar player Shalil Shankar. Mr. Murillo has also played in master classes with world renowned guitarists such as Pavel Steidl and Margarita Escarpa.

Mr. Murillo obtained his Bachelor's at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music having studied with Maestro David Tanenbaum along with other members of the guitar faculty such as Grammy-Award wining guitarist and composer Sergio Assad, Richard Savino, Mark Teicholz and Larry Ferrara.

Mr. Murillo has studied flamenco guitar in Granada, Spain with guitarists Jorge "El Pisao" and Marcos "Palometas" where he explored new repertoire and ways of playing as well as studying with cantaor David Sorroche. He has since performed with bailaora Julia Schmitt around the Bay Area.

Apart from classical and flamenco, Mr. Murillo has experience with Argentinian tango, having contributed weekly to the milonga "Tango Revolution" where he played along with other musicians for experienced dancers and tango enthusiasts.

Adrian plays a guitar by Bay Area based luthier, Glenn Canin and an 11-string archguitar by Nathaniel Rich.